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Yin Yang You: A User’s Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

We strive to achieve balance and harmony in our lives. And there’s no better place to start than with our health. Technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs pave the way for living longer and better lives. But anyone who’s struggled with fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, or a host of other common ailments, understands the limitations of modern medicine. These limitations are reasons why, according to a recent Harris Poll, only 17% of Americans self-report to be in excellent health. For the rest of us, it’s time to consider Yin Yang You.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

The art and science of TCM dates back some-5,000 years. It centers on Qi (pronounced “chee”) — the life force that flows through your body. The flow of Qi is a common link for many human ailments. Though an abstract concept in TCM, some are starting to look at ways of determining whether your Qi is deficient. And, if so, how boosting your Qi could benefit your overall health and wellness.

Amplifying one’s Qi is done in a variety of ways, but the beauty is that the approach is catered to the individual. TCM seeks to personalize treatment. Even more, TCM is built upon the notion of “treating the yet-to-be-sick.” Preventative measures are at the heart of how TCM addresses wellness.

How Western Medicine and TCM Work Together for You

The mission of Yin Yang You isn’t to replace Western thinking, treatments, and approaches. Rather, the book seeks to start conversations around the complementary ideas and to demystify the world of TCM so we can better understand how East and West can work together. Despite our access to the best Western medicines, some of our most common conditions often persist.Other countries use traditional therapies as a frontline approach to treating these conditions. The goal is to find a balance between the East and West approaches to holistic health.This approach to blending 21st-century advancements in Western medicine with the ancient wisdom gleaned from Eastern—or TCM—can work wonders in helping to create a balanced life

Yin, Yang ... and You

Yin Yang You is a new book written collaboratively by leading medical experts in China and the United States. It explores how we can benefit from incorporating centuries-old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques with Western medicine.

It’s a user’s guide to help us find balance — Yin and Yang — for a healthier body and mind.

Today, many medical issues — insomnia, anxiety, digestive disruptions, fatigue, and others — are as frustrating as they are pervasive. Western medicine doesn’t have all the answers for conditions that are slowing us down and making us sick. TCM, meanwhile, presents options to complement your current health and wellness approach. Using age-old techniques, TCM practitioners treat the body holistically.

In Yin Yang You, medical and scientific experts trained in TCM and Western medicine guide readers through the basic principles of TCM. They demystify the practice, help you to improve your Qi — the body’s life force — and explain techniques that have served millions of people for thousands of years.

The authors don’t suggest abandoning Western medicine. Rather, they promote building a bridge between East and West. Solutions to many medical conditions can be found through balance for a healthier body and mind. Yin Yang You shows you how Eastern medicine can complement Western approaches to let you live your best, most energized, and optimal life.

It’s time to start a conversation about how you can benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Table of Contents


  1. Unmasking the Mystery: Core principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine teach us about the whole self—and holistic health
  2. East vs. West: Understanding the differences between the two schools of medical thought lays the foundation for how they can work together
  3. East with West: Why the future of medicine should use both methods for overall health, wellness, and longevity


  1. Mini Med School: Understand the three pillars of TCM to see how it can work for you
  2. The Tricks of TCM Triage: How TCM diagnoses and treats problems differently for different people
  3. Yin Yang Yum: Rebalance your food therapy approach with kitchen wisdom to better optimize your health and your body


  1. Low Libido
  2. Sleeping Troubles
  3. Digestive
  4. Disturbances
  5. Depression/Mood
  6. Issues
  7. The Common Cold
  8. Declines in Skin
  9. Health
  10. Fatigue


  1. Make a Motion (lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain/arthritis, gout, muscle pain/fibromyalgia)
  2. It’s All in Your Head (headache, jaw pain, ear ringing/hearing loss)
  3. Skin in the Game (eczema, acne, psoriasis)
  4. Every Breath You Take (cough, asthma, sore throat, allergic rhinitis)
  5. The Kitchen Sink (heartburn, indigestion, hemorrhoids)
  6. Let’s Keep This Private (prostatic enlargement/hyperplasia, overactive bladder, impotence)
  7. For Women Only (PMS/menstrual cramps, endometriosis/uterine fibroid, menopause, infertility)
  8. But Seriously (obesity, diabetes, heart disease/atherosclerosis, hypertension, dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease)


  1. Recipes
  2. Finding the Right TCM Therapist
  3. The 5 Element Cheat Sheet
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