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Yin Yang You Research: A Global Effort to Seek Health Solutions
Yin Yang You authors journeyed across the globe to research the breakthrough book. A world-class team sought to pair the latest advancements in Western medicine with centuries-old techniques from the
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The Dr. Oz Show - October 26, 2021 - Yin Yang You
The Dr. Oz Show: Segment Features Yin Yang You Book
The Dr. Oz Show took viewers through an interactive quiz to help assess your Protective Qi—or immunity—deficiency. The three-question evaluation, a more extensive version of which is also available in
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Yin Yang You: A Book 5,000 Years in the Making
The wait is over. Yin Yang You, a much-anticipated, first-of-its-kind book, debuted amid fanfare at the Concordia 2021 Annual Summit. The book is a collaboration between medical and scientific experts
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Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Balanced Approach for Better Health
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a 5,000-year-old holistic approach to health. It’s founded on ancient discoveries, but the techniques remain as relevant today as they were generations ago. Perhaps even more so, considering TCM’s focus on balance, personalization, and harmony. In a world filled with stressors, our health often succumbs to environmental hazards. Can’t sleep. No energy. Libido plummets. Our mood and weight on a yo-yo string — constant ups and downs. What if a new — and at the same time, ancient — way of thinking could complement your current approach to health and wellness?
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